Express train Sakyu at Mimasaka-kamo station on the Imbi line, July 1997.
DE 10
Double-head of Class DE10 cross over the bridge hearing children's voice. Near to Kami-fukawa station on the Geibi line, July 1980
Class 1900 tramcars from Kyoto. Atomic bomb Dome stop, Hiroshima electric Ry, Aug. 1995

Vintage EMU Kumoha-42 at Suzumeda station on the Onoda line, Aug. 1996.
Famous Amarube bridge, 310m(1017ft) long and 41m(134ft) high, was built in 1912. Near to Amarube station on the San-in line, Hyogo Pref. Aug. 1996

(Click here to look at the height comparison)
Oito line
This station is the gateway to mountains. Minami- otari station on the Oito line, Aug. 1983

Class Kiha-58 DMU waits to depart at Kake station on the Kabe line, Aug. 1998

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