Ritsurin Park in Kagawa

Famous bridge between Tateno and Choyo on the Minami-Aso Ry, May 1999.
Beautiful seaside and Class Kiha-58 DMU in the JNR livery. East of Orii station, the San-in line. March 1997.
Cherry blossoms, the national flower of Japan. Nishi-iwakuni station, the Gantoku line. April 1997.

Beside Arate depot on the Hiroshima electric Ry, April 1999.
A tramcar goes over unique T-shape Aioi bridge seeing green leaves of the Peace memorial park. Near of Atomic bomb Dome, Hiroshima electric Ry, May 1993

Typical scene in spring ; Between Saka and Yano on the Kure line, Mar 1998.

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