The only-one Pusher locos operation in Japan

Pusher locos between Seno and Hachihonmatsu on the San-yo line, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
This section, 10.6 km long, is famous for its gradient of 22/1000 with 4 tunnels; pusher locos help freight trains.
Photography spots are shown on the map.
Processed the GSI (Geodetic Survey Institute) maps with permission
1:50000 Kaitaichi, revised in 1973
Spot A (Seno station, Seno depot)
You will arrive here within 20 minutes from Hiroshima station by local train.
The depot had been dismantled
Spot B (west of Seno-nishi tunnel)
the most popular spot.
Spot C (east of Seno-nishi tunnel)
Spot D (near to Seno-higashi tunnel)
Spot E (east of Kawakami-nishi tunnel)
Spot F (near to Bandobara No.4 crossing)
Spot G (west of Kawakami-higashi tunnel)
Spot H (Hachihonmatsu station)
This station is situated at 255m above sea level.
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