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Reservation, Running status and Travel agent
Model railways
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The European Railway Server [English] Info on European railways. Many links to official/unofficial pages. Also photo galleries with huge pics.
NMRA Directory of International Rail Sites [English] (*) NMRA's amazing directory with more than 2800 rail sites around the world, including both prototype and model railroading sites.
Railroad Depot [English] (*) General information on railroad, both prototypes and models.
RailServe [English] (*) Great directory with searcher to rail-related sites
TrainNet Forum Railroad Links [English] (*) Great directory of Compuserve's TrainNet Forum. Ichiban has received the Web Gem Award in June 1998.

Countries and Areas

Eva's Eisenbahnseite [German/English] (*) Cool photos of railways in Germany and Switzerland. The Alps welcome you!
The Japanese Railway Modelling Homepage [English] (*) A nice modelling page with useful links. Highly recommended Ichiban. Thank you!
JRS home page [English] JRS(Japanese Railway Society)'s web page. Photos and informations of railways in Japan. If you are interested in railways in Japan, this site is definitely for you.
RailInfo [English] (*) The best information on railways in the UK, with many pics and links. Also about privatization and projects.
Railpage Australia [English] (*) Nice photos of railways and worldwide links.
The Railway Page about the German Railbus! [German/English] (*) Many photos of German railbuses in the red livery, also beautiful rail scenes.
The South African Railways Page [English] Photos and informations of South-african railways including "Blue train".

Reservation, Running status and Travel agent

Amtrak [English] Amtrak's website. Coach accommodations, running status, reservation, photo gallery etc.
JR Cyber station [Japanese] You can consult reservation/running status of JR (Japan Railways) Shinkansen and limited express trains. Also links to each JR's web site including English information.
JTB [English] The biggest travel agent in Japan.

Model railways

The Model Railway Club [English] (*)A model railway club based on London. Nice photos and info on railway modelling in the UK.

Trams and LRTs
LRTA [English] (*) Light Rail Transit Association(LRTA)'s comprehensive site on LRT. Its links are so informative.
Streetcar Home Page
[English] (*) Webpage on streetcars in the world. Numbers of pics and maps on streetcars in the United States, Canada, Japan, China etc
Tram Forum [Japanese] (*) Webpage on Tram and LRT(Light Rail Transit), not as nostalgia, but the people-friendly-way to go in modern cities. Many pics of Japanese trams, a depot, operation systems, project to extend. Well known as the portal-site on tram in Japan.
Tramway Pages [English] (*) Webpage on trams in mainly Scandinavia. Many photos and links.


Rail Scenes [Japanese] (*) Incredible photos of railways in Japan. Text in Japanese only but worth a visit.
Railway fan [Japanese/English] (*) Travels by railways in Japan, Korea, China and Italy with enjoyable texts and effective pics.
Studio M [Japanese] (*) Nice photos of railway. Also many topics on railways with pics.

Maps, Timetables and Telephone directories

Expert on Travel Planner [English] Inputting an origin and a destination, you can find routes and fares.
Jorudan [Japanese] You can search routes and fares by inputting an origin and a destination.
Links for timetables [Japanese] Links to huge quantities of timetables of railways, buses, aircrafts, and ships in Japan.
mapion [Japanese] This is not a railway site itself, but detailed maps of Japan, including railway routes and stations.
NTT's Townpage (Yellow page in Japan) [English] Inputting a name of station or a rail company, you can get telephone numbers and address.

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