Hiroshima Electric Railway 2

Tramcars and view-points
The Christmas illumination tram waits for departure at Hiroshima-ekimae terminus in December 2000.
Class 500 at Yokogawa terminus in July 2000.
Ujina terminus (expected to extend), in December 1999.
Koi junction connect inner city with sub-urban Miyajima line in November 1999.
In front of the Atomic-Bomb-Dome. near of Kamiya-cho, city center of Hiroshima, in July 1999.
Kamiya-cho crossing in July 1999.
Tokaichi crossing in December 2000.
Class 3900 runs on the sea-side line. Near of Ajina station on the Miyajima line in January 2000.
Class 3100 bound for inner city in April 1998.
Arate depot in December 1999.
Eba depot in December 1999.
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