How to ride

Hiroshima electric railway, known as Hiroden, provides 18.8km(12 miles) inner city streetcar service (150 yen for adult) and 16.1km(10 miles) suburban service between Nishi-Hiroshima and Hiroden-Miyajima terminus: direct service and 1-day ticket available (Highly recommended).
You may choice two types of 1-day tickets. : 600 yen valid for inner city and suburban service/ 840 yen valid for inner city, suburban and Matsudai sightseeing ship for Miyajima island.
If you stay at Miyajima Island I recommend the new 2-days ticket : 2000 yen valid for tram, ship and additionally ropeway to the Mt Misen in Miyajima Island.
An entrance is usually in mid section of the tram and exit is the front door. when a conductor is at the mid door, you may get off there : If no conductor at the door you never get off the tram there.
When you do not use a 1-day/2-days ticket, you have to pay fare when you get off the tram
. Small change is needed and you may change in the tram. And remember that the tram (and almost trains in Japan) goes on the left hand side track.