Picture books

Title Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends A picture book series from popular TV film of Thomas the tank engine and friends. 50 titles. The cover is #6 THOMAS GOES FISHING.
Author W.Awdry, translation by Miho Madarame
Publisher Poplar Publishing Company,Tokyo
Published in 1991
Price 580 yen
ISBN 4-591-03876-9
Title An old electric car in the forest An old electric car in the forest has become playroom of animals. A storm has gone and a former driver appeared. He turned a switch on and,,,,
Author Text by Eriko Kishida, Illustrations by Chiyoko Nakatani
Publisher Fukuinkan shoten
Published in 1961
Title Kikansha Yaemon Yaemon is an old tank engine. A new electric loco or diesel cars made fun of him. He had been nearly scrapped but finally preserved in the railway museum.
Author Text by Hiroyuki Agawa, Illustrations by Fuyuhiko Okabe
Publisher Iwanami shoten
Published in 1959
Price 600 yen
ISBN 4-00-115122-7
A small tank engine Title A small tank engine Tadashi Matsui is a excellent editor of "Kodomo no tomo", the famous picture book series of Fukuinkan. Chu Ohta was a engine driver of Japan National Railway. He was also famous as an artist.
Author Text by Tadashi Matsui, Illustrations by Chu Ohta
Publisher Fukuinkan-Shoten
Published in 1958
The Polar Express Title The Polar Express Excellent pastel drawing by C.V. Allsburg and good translation by Haruki Murakami reminds you of a Christmas Eve in a childhood.
Author Chris Van Allsburg
Publisher Kawade-shobo-shinsha
Published in 1987
Price 1550 yen
ISBN 4-309-26089-6
Thomas The Tank Engine #2 Title Thomas The Tank Engine A Japanese edition of popular story of Thomas the tank engine and friends.
26 titles. Several artists cover illustrations.
Author W.Awdry / Illustrations by Reginald Dolby
Publisher Poplar Publishing Co., Tokyo
Published in 1973
Price 780 yen
ISBN 4-591-00564-X
The Night Train Title The Night Train A vintage loco EF58 hauls the night train from Tokyo to the Northern Japan.
Author Shigeo Nishimura
Publisher Fukuinkan-Shoten
Published in 1980
Price 750 yen
ISBN 4-8340-0922-X

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