The Shinkansen

What is the Shinkansen?

They are the fastest trains in Japan.
Shinkansen means the new trunk line. (shin=new, kansen=trunk line)
JR West's Class 700 known as "Hikari Rail Star", the newest series introduced in March 2000.
Class 700, the newest shinkansen at Hiroshima in Apr 1999.
Class 700 approaching Hiroshima station in May 1999.
Class 700 (left) and Class 0 (right) at Hiroshima station in May 1999.
Class 0, introduced originally in 1964 between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka.
Class 0 "Kodama" arriving at Hiroshima. Apr 1999.
Class 100 "Hikari" passing Otagawa river near of Hiroshima in Apr 1999. Class 100 has been introduced for "Hikari", but some of them run as "Kodama" between Tokyo and Shin-osaka these days.
Class 100 double deck restaurant car. Restaurant service is no longer availble on the Shinkansen. Aug 1998.
Class 300 "Hikari" arriving at Kyoto station in Aug 1998. Class 300 has been introduced for "Nozomi".
Class 300 "Nozomi" bound for the west in Apr 1999.
Class 500 "Nozomi", the fastest train in Japan with maximum speed 300 km/h.
Class 500 "Nozomi" passing Shin-Kobe station, June 1998.
Class 500 at Hiroshima shinkansen depot, Sep 1996.
Class 200 (right) and 400 (left) at Tokyo terminal, Jul 1998. Class 200 has introduced for the Tohoku/Joetsu shinkansen lines. Class 400 for the Yamagata shinkansen line.
Class E1 double decker at Omiya station in Feb 1999. All of 12 cars are double deck.
Class E2, running on the Tohoku and Nagano shinkansen lines at Omiya station in Feb 1999.
Class E3 for the Akita shinkansen line at Tokyo terminusin Jul 1998.
Class E4 double decker for the Tohoku shinkansen line at Omiya station in Feb. 1999.

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