Old coaches 1

EF58#21 hauls a 12-coaches commuter train. at Mukainada station on the San-yo line. October 1973.
DD51 and old coaches leaves Itami station for Osaka terminus on the Fukuchiyama line. December 1983.
A night train Hayatama meets a freight train at Ouchiyama station on the Kisei line. August 1983.
SuHa 42#2 at Shin-hirano station on the Obama line. August 1982.
SuHaFu32 at Aizu-wakamatsu station on the Ban-etsu saisen line, July 1982.

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A local train arrived Hiroshima terminus on the Geibi line, February 1978.

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There was a long distance coaches such as between Nagoya and Ten-nouji, Osaka via Kisei line.at Nagoya station February 1982.

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EF81 hauls old coaches at Itoigawa station on the Hokuriku line. August 1983.
Niwasaka station on the O-u line. February 1985.

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