Astram line ( Hiroshima rapid transit )

Opened on August 20th, 1994.
21 stations
18.4km (11.5 mile)

What is this?

A transport system in Hiroshima with side guided rubber tyres running on the concrete truck.
Astram has complex meaning as follows;
"Asu" meaning tomorrow in Japanese and "tram" in English, also including "Astra" in Greek.
Class 10 EMU at Chorakuji station.
A ticket vending machine
Fare table
Privacy glass
Departure information
Platform door at Hondori station.
At Kouiki-koen-mae terminus
Turnnouts at Chorakuji station.
Under bridge point Near of Hakushima
Depot at Chorakuji.
Class 10 EMU bound for Hondori, near of Bishamondai station.
Sub-urban area.
Approaching Bishamondai station.
Kouiki-koen-mae terminus
Urban area, near of Hakushima station
Between Yasu-higashi and Bishamondai.

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